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History professor at Arizona Western College and lecturer at Imperial Valley College and San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus.

#History: Historical Thinking in 140 Characters

Last February I blogged about the possibilities of integrating Twitter into the history classroom. Six months later, I did just that, using an honors seminar, Women, War, and Revolution, as my pilot.  Since the pilot, I’ve introduced it into a … Continue reading

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Embracing Technology: 2016 Yuma County Teacher of the Year Awards

Last night I was honored to received the Yuma County Teacher of the Year Award in the College Professor category.  Below is the text from my two minute acceptance speech: “So, a veteran, a high school student, an athlete, an … Continue reading

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Adelante! Wired and Inspired

Technology is ever-present in our lives today, so it is no wonder that it has been increasingly incorporated into higher education. At the beginning of my career, my access to technology in the classroom was limited to a television with … Continue reading

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Cheating the Learning Management System? Ethics in the Online Environment

My parents instilled in me the old adage “Cheaters never prosper.” Later, one of my bosses quipped, “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying!”  I  believe that most of my students were raised to adhere to the former philosophy and act … Continue reading

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Using Technology to Create Presentations that Engage Students

One of the “Inside the White House” presentations created by a student using Prezi. We’ve entered the homestretch of the semester and Spring Fever is in the air.  Spring Break is nearly upon us and that means that final papers … Continue reading

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Exploring the Regions of the World with GoogleEarth

A couple of years ago, I took over teaching World Regional Geography from another history instructor who was burned out with the class. After my first semester, I could see why: grading stacks of map exercises that included coloring in … Continue reading

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Bloggers Delight

Since I began this blog about integrating technology into the history classroom back in January, I have acquired a new-found respect for those who put themselves out there in the “blogosphere.” In the past I had used blogs to provide … Continue reading

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