Bloggers Delight

Since I began this blog about integrating technology into the history classroom back in January, I have acquired a new-found respect for those who put themselves out there in the “blogosphere.” In the past I had used blogs to provide materials to students in the absence of a learning management system, but the comments were disabled, so they were pretty one-sided.  I also made the blogs private so that they weren’t searchable–only my students knew the URLs for the blogs. I’m not one to get into Twitter or Facebook flame wars, and many of the blogs I read would inevitably have trolls stirring things up, so I was turned off by the proposition of putting myself out there and publishing things that might invite people to post inappropriate comments or put me in the position of having to defend myself.  This has been an enlightening experience, to say the least. It has been an educational adventure creating and maintaining my blog while subscribing, reading, and posting comments on others. I even had a couple of likes from strangers!  In addition to the interactions with classmates, I found the RSS feed to be a great tool. I subscribed to everyone’s blog and then some! I’m looking forward to continuing to write blog posts over the remainder of the course and maybe, just  maybe, I’ll continue to blog away into the sunset.


About ProfMoniK

History professor at Arizona Western College and lecturer at Imperial Valley College and San Diego State University-Imperial Valley Campus.
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